Our Adventures


Inshore Fishing up to 20 miles. We go where the fish are

All license needs are covered on Canyon Lady. Trips can be arranged from list below in any combination as long as in season. Blackfish has a 1 month spring period in April. Trip can also target Striped Bass Very short window so make reservations early. Espically if you need a weekend May 4th starts Fluke fishing and goes through September. June23 well start with Black Seabass and I follow their movement until December These trips also book up quick. We’ll also mix it up with Fluke Through September and you’ll catch as many porgies and seabass as you want with the Fluke. Blackfish become a full Time Focus from october 15 through December 22. During this time you can catch Seabass in the mix and as the water cools Cod can make a showing. Full Day Bottom Charters 5am- 4pm 11 Hours

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Offshore runs Starts in Late May. As soon as we see warm Blue Gulfstream Water move onto or contenental Shelf we’ll start our surch for Tuna!

Bluefin start passing through and are usually in range for a Day Trip But it will be a long one. Because we have to be on their spot by Sunup, we leave the dock at 2:am. To be able to fish sunrise. This starts as a trolling bite but later in the season turns to Jigging and even chunking.This is fishing where the angler and tackle are Tested. Hope you like bluefin sushi You’ll probably see whales and Dolphins around while were fishing. Return Home approx.5pm Approx. 15 Hours

Call To Reserve your Bluefin trip Now Capt. Dave 516-658-8247

Tile Fishing Starts in April for us We leave at 2am and start fishing by 6. We travel to the Canyon and fish between 400 and 900 feet deep. We have electric reels but many prefer high retrive reels. Both work well.

We use special rigs, heavy weights and drop squid or fresh fish baits down to the bottom and hang on. Most fish are 6-8# but many 20-35# fish are caught with a frequent 45-50lbr mixed in.

The real reward is filling your freezer with one of the best tasting fish there is. It is sometimes reffered to as poor mans lobster.

We Return about 5pm Approx. 15 Hours

Canyon Overnight Tuna

Reserve Between June and October

Overnight Canyon trips are our speciality. I’ve been running to the canyons since the late 80s. A typical trip leaves the dock 10:00am.

We’ll be fishing by 4 to catch the late bite until about 2 hours after dark. Season dependent we’ll either set up for Tuna on the chunk, Swordfish or Shark.

While waiting for the bite, we’ll BBQ burgers, Dogs, etc and enjoy the night. We’ll be on the troll about 4am to catch the morning Bite. We play as it goes. If a bite continues we fish it. If it slows down we’ll switch to tile fishing and in between we’ll pot hop for Mahi Mahi.

Return is planned for following day 5-6pm. Approx. 28 Hours

Shark Charters

Near Shore & Off Shore Starting Mid June when the water get over 67 deg. I’ll start Shark Hunting.

If you’re looking for Mako, well run offshore 40-60 miles searching for clean water and bait. You might also have a chance at a Big Tiger Shark, some Blue Sharks, bottom fish while we try to catch live bait, Bluefish and Mackeral.

As water warms up well go for Thresher sharks in the 20-30 mile range.
You will also catch other species and other fish while trying to catch live bait. You will also have a chance for bottom fish like seabass on wrecks we drift over.

leave at 5 return at 5-6 12-13 Hours